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Combining the cryptoindustry and the real sector of the economy

Decentralized cross-platform project that unites the crypto industry and the real sector of the economy. Created by the community for the community.

The "SANTRAST" project is a tool that will unite the assets of Russian and European companies involved in advanced high-tech sectors of the economy and the entire business community.

At the time of the release of the "SNR" token, the project is at the start-up stage. Token holders will be participants in a financial innovation that has no analogues.

The SNR token is the world's first blockchain project with a basic return. The proceeds will be used to increase the asset base of the project and support high-tech start-ups, the development of medicine, renewable energy, environmental protection and restoration.

SNRW is part of the SANTRAST project, it is an asset with a variable value, interacts with the SNR contract and the PANGOLIN DEX protocol, is designed to hedge investor positions, increase liquidity by recalculating cross rates, preventing a decrease in liquidity during market downturns and increasing it during rallies. It has a super high yield.

$1445507 (+251%)

Total Liquidity


Volume (24hrs)


How it works?

To do this, you need to open a pool of SNR / SNRW liquidity, since initially the investor does not have these coins, he will need to exchange any asset for SNRW, then part of the SNRW will need to be exchanged for SNR. After that, you can open the SNR / SNRW pool

As a result of these actions, the following occurs

  • SNR is in an isolated state and cross-rate recalculations on it are not carried out and investors receive an increased number of liquidity tokens, which leads to increased commissions
  • The total amount of earned fees thus becomes a reserve pool that can change depending on market fluctuations and keeps the main SNR / SNRW pool unchanged even if it is not traded and increases liquidity during its rise increasing the total fees
  • SNR and SNRW contracts interact with each other only in the liquidity pool and regardless of which of these assets is in higher demand, this invariably leads to an increase in the value of all pools opened in a pair with SNRW
  • Investor provides additional liquidity to SNRW pools
  • The cost of SNRW and SNR increases

The advantages of this strategy

In order for investors to start earning income, it is necessary to provide liquidity to the WAVAX / SNRW, PNG / SNRW pools and the main SNR / SNRW pool. The higher the liquidity provided in the WAVAX / SNRW and PNG / SNRW pools, the higher the profitability in the main SNR / SNRW pool. As shown in the screenshot below, you can make sure that the total revenue exceeds the total value of all pools.

  • Ultra-high yield
  • Absolute freedom of action
  • No restrictions on time and capital size
  • No risks associated with blocking liquidity on third-party services
  • The ability to launch absolutely any projects without all sorts of details of registration and confirmation of programming skills

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The ecosystem of the project is built on our multiplier, which includes a system of interaction between cryptography and the real sector of the economy, as well as making a profit for the followers and participants of the project.

In previous years, cryptography has undergone many transformations and with the advent of DeFi protocols, solving our problems has become dramatically simpler, in fact, our idea of requiring the development of many tools is shifted to DeFi technology and will be spread in this area.


The idea is based on the fact that the entire system of the crypto industry is self-contained and has excess liquidity.


In fact, what is happening is caused by the uncontrollable growth of bitcoin, as well as its systematic ups and downs associated with the computing power for its production and maintenance of the network itself. In turn, the rest of the altcoins follow its market movement.


The true interpretation of "White Paper" is to consider the Russian version of the presentation of the text!


White paper ( PDF)

Tokens SNR and SNRW



Contract address SNR.e

Buy token SNR *
* agree to the Legal Notice

20% of the available coins will be reserved and will be put into circulation at the discretion of the project administration. 5% will be distributed among the project participants. 75% will be put into circulation.


More details in the full test section White paper



Contract address SNR.e

Buy token SNRW *
* agree to the Legal Notice

10% will be distributed among the organizers of the project. The rest is placed in parts in liquidity pools, see the amount of placement on the official website in the releases section.

Asset Reservation Wallet Address:

More details in the full test section White paper


Placement of final documents and other information on the results of the implementation of the development of the project.

Legal notices

The platform, being an Internet resource, falls under the regulation of laws regarding the dissemination of information on the Internet. They are charged with the requirement to restrict the dissemination of information about extremism, suicide, the distribution of drugs and other prohibited information.


Santrast "is not involved in money laundering and is not involved in terrorist financing.

Legal notices (PDF)

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